Food Day at Wesleyan University

On October 27, Wesleyan students together with Wesleyan food service workers hosted a great Food Day event.  The night kicked off with a panel discussion which included a student, a local farmer, the dining halls’ production manager, and Raquel Baptiste from UNITE HERE Local 217. Each shared stories about their relationships with food – what it means to them, why they work with food, and what food means to the university community.

Participants then broke up into workshops that got everyone talking about their own connections to food, and the many different issues that are involved with it, as well ways in which students and workers could connect. We then gathered together to discuss ways to move forward, and enjoy an apple crisp that had been baked by students and worker organizers the night before with apples provided by the farmer who spoke on the panel.

We decided among other things to form a working group related to the connection between labor and food issues within the student food sustainability group, WesFRESH, and to potentially hold monthly meetings between workers and students.  Following the event, many people commented on how interesting it was and how it opened up new ways of thinking about food.

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