Food Workers and the Food Movement are Uniting!

Across the country, activists and advocates, farmers and foodies are standing up to support the idea that food workers play a critical role in the success of the food movement. To date, nearly 100 food movement leaders have signed on to the Real Food Real Jobs pledge. These inaugural signatories come from all points along the food chain and the fight to fix it.

Can you take action to stand with this growing community of leaders by signing the Real Food Real Jobs pledge?

We want any and all folks engaged in the hard work of building a better food system to sign it and celebrate their commitment to working together for real food, real jobs, and real transparency throughout our food chain.

Click here to add your name to the list and show your support for Real Food Real Jobs!


Inaugural Pledge Signatories:

Lilia Smelkova – Food Day

Eric Holt-Gimenez – Food First

Nikki Henderson – People’s Grocery

David Schwartz – Real Food Challenge

Lucas Benitez – Coalition of Immokalee Workers

Damara Luce – Just Harvest USA

LaDonna Redmond – Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

John Turenne – Sustainable Food Systems, LLC

Mark Winne

Tristan Quinn-Thibodeau – Why Hunger

Tom Philpott – Maverick Farms

Kate Krauss – Slow Food USA

Katie Blanchard – Real Food Challenge

Wenonah Hauter – Food and Water Watch

Patty Lovera – Food and Water Watch

Jenny Huston – Farm to Table Food Services

Kathy Lawrence – School Food FOCUS

Robert Gottlieb – Urban Environmental Policy Institute

Doug Gurian-Sherman – Union of Concerned Scientists

John Peck – Family Farm Defenders

Gerardo O. Marín – Rooted in Community

Hai Vo – Live Real

Elizabeth Hendersen – Northeast Organic Farming Association

Daniel Tucker – Farm Together Now, co-author

Joann Lo – Food Chain Workers Alliance

Joe Parker – Student/Farmerwork Alliance

Shilpa Jain – YES!

Hnin Hnin – Slow Food USA

Yvonne Yen Liu – Applied Research Center

Nelson Carrasquillo – CATA (The Farmworker Support Committee)

Michael Sligh – Rural Advancement Foundation International

Michelle Mascarenhas-Swan – Movement Generation

Lorette Picciano – Rural Coalition / Coalicion Rural

Navina Khanna – Live Real

Andrew Kang Bartlett – Sustainable Agriculture of Louisville

Charlotte Williams – Center for New Community

Liana Foxvog – International Labor Rights Forum

Toni Liquori – School Food FOCUS

Sheilah Davidson – School Food FOCUS

Diana Robinson – Food Chain Workers Alliance

Brendan O’Neil – Migrant Justice / Justicia Migrante

Sophia Maravell – Brickyard Educational Farm (MD)

Sara Shor – Brickyard Educational Farm (MD)

Brenda Estrella

Catherine Kastleman – Food Day (DC)

Jon Berger – Real Food Challenge (Mid-Atlantic)

Jeremy John – Quixote Center, Crabgrass Christians Initiative

Mac Gaskins – Healthy Affordable Food For All (DC)

George Jones – Bread for the City (DC)

Anna Benfield – Washington Youth Garden (DC)

Kat Vann – Main Street Project (MN)

Niel Ritchie – Main Street Project (MN)

Chris Venegas – Sound Farm (VT)

Stacey Sobell – National Farm-to-School Network; Ecotrust (OR)

Katy Pelissier – EcoTrust (OR)

Anne Morse – Adelante Mujeres (OR)

Kasandra Griffin – Upstream Public Health (OR)

Monica Cuneo – Multnomah Food Policy Council (OR)

Kyle Curtis – Multnomah Food Policy Council (OR)

Jaret Foster – Portland Farmers’ Market (OR)

Jenny Holmes – Interfaith Food and Farms Partnership (OR)

Leslie Pohl-Kosbau – Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon; Portland Community Gardens

Hannah Wallace – Journalist

Hannah Kullberg – Better Bean Co.

Larry Yee – Food Commons

Mariana Huerta – Restaurant Opportunities Center, Los Angeles

Neelam Sharma – Community Services Unlimited, Inc. (LA)

Yelena Zeltser – Urban Environmental Policy Institute

Alexa Delwiche – Los Angeles Food Policy Council

Frank Tamborello – Hunger Action LA

Gail Wadsworth – California Institute for Rural Studies

Lisa Cech – Urban Environmental Policy Institute

Goetz Wolff – Lecturer of Urban Planning, UCLA School of Public Affairs; Los Angeles Food Policy Council

Matthew Sharp – California Food Policy Advocates

Ron Strochlic

Rose Arruda – Massachusetts Food Day Coordinator

Drew Love – Northeast Organic Farming Association; Real Food Challenge

Kerstin Lindgren – Domestic Fair Trade Association

Bob Minnocci – Northeast Organic Farming Association

Cindy Luppi – Clean Water Action

Vanessa Green – Clean Water Action

Joel Wool – Dorchester Community Food Co-op (MA)

Lee Matsueda – Alternatives for Community & Environment

Simca Horowitz – Massachusetts Farm-to-School Project

Dave Madan – theMOVE (MA)

Myrna Greenfield – Good Egg Marketing (MA)

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