For Food Day, University of LaVerne Workers Stand Up for a Sustainable Future

Today we celebrate the second annual Food Day, a national day of action celebrating the movement toward a more healthy, affordable, and sustainable food system. A core priority of Food Day is to better “support fair working conditions for food and farm workers,” and food workers across the country are standing up to do just that.

Yesterday, food service workers at the University of LaVerne came together to add their voices to the creation of a sustainable future on their campus and beyond. As a first step, the workers have called on their employer, Bon Appetit Management Company, to honor their right to form a union through a process of their choosing.

Watch the video below for a quick glimpse of these courageous workers’ vision for changing the food system, and in the coming weeks check back with Real Food Real Jobs for more in-depth videos about their lives and their efforts to organize.

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