“I Stand with You” – Bon Appetit union members support LaVerne

On Food Day, food service workers at the University of LaVerne bravely came together and called on their employer, Bon Appetit Management Company, to honor their right to form a union through a process of their choosing. Adding their voices to the creation of a sustainable future, these workers have taken a courageous step. They are supported by a broader movement focused on improving the food system on college campuses and beyond.

Carmen McRae, American University

At some universities such as Wesleyan in Connecticut and American University in Washington, DC, Bon Appetit food workers are already proud union members and Real Food Real Jobs leaders. In the last two weeks, leaders at these campuses have come forward to share their messages of support for the workers at the University of LaVerne.  Mark Bousquet, a lead first cook who has worked at Wesleyan University for 25 years, spoke about the difference it makes to be united with his coworkers: “Alone you’re one. Together you’re many. And it gives you way more power to be able to accomplish what you need to make your customers happy and to make your job satisfying.” Carmen McRae, another 25-year veteran in the cafeteria at American University said, “You can do it. Do not be scared. I stand with you, each and every one of you, all the way.”

Excited for their colleagues at University of LaVerne to join the movement, these workers are voicing support, coast to coast! In the coming weeks, stay tuned for further updates as the workers at the University of LaVerne continue to work for a sustainable future on their campus and across the country.

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