La Verne and Pomona Workers Stand Together: “This time we’re gonna win!”

La Verne University worker Prince Jones (center) and ULV students join Pomona College workers on 12/10 for a delegation to university administrators.

On Monday, Bon Appétit workers from the University of La Verne joined Pomona College dining hall workers for a delegation calling on college administration for a fair process to organize. The action came one year after the college fired 17 immigrant workers, 16 of whom had been organizing to form a union since 2010.

“What happened at Pomona in December 2011 was really an injustice and it’s one of the reasons why I’m still fighting,” said Rolando Araiza, a cook at Pomona for 7 years, “It really changed the way I feel about the administration because I really thought we were a family. But when you fire someone unjustly, that’s not what family does to a family.”

Worker struggles for justice from coast to coast — from Pomona to American University in Washington, D.C. — have inspired La Verne workers and students to stay strong in their own fight. “You guys have been smashed down here,” said La Verne worker Prince Jones, “And I’m really inspired and I’m really encouraged that you all got back up a second time to fight again, and this time we’re gonna win!”

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