After Landmark Agreement at American, DC Food Movement Leaders Advocate for Real Food and Jobs at Howard

Yesterday, leaders from the food justice movement in DC stood up alongside cafeteria workers at Howard University in another exciting move forward for DC’s Real Food Real Jobs campaign.

The historic delegation, which included members of Bread for the City, Food and Water Watch, Common Good City Farm, Food Day, Union of Concerned Scientists, and the Quixote Center, called on Sodexo dining services management to include workers’ voices in their sustainability efforts. The group presented Sodexo managers with a letter outlining their concerns and demands, saying:

Across town at American University, Bon Appétit Management Company recently reached a landmark agreement with university cafeteria workers, significantly improving working conditions like wages, benefits, and hours, as well as paving the way for increased worker participation in campus sustainability efforts. We hope that, like Bon Appétit, you will seize the opportunity to begin doing better by your employees in DC, setting an example of true social and environmental sustainability and justice for the rest of the city.

And, beyond DC, we urge you to enact these changes nationwide by making all of your employees visible partners in your company’s sustainability efforts and ensuring that they have sustainable jobs. As you outline in your Better Tomorrow Plan, “At the end of every day, millions of men, women, and children go to bed hungry. All who suffer from hunger lack the nutrition needed for a full and productive life.” Your employees, like your customers, also deserve access to the sustainable food you seek to serve. A truly “better tomorrow” will not be realized if large swaths of our population are excluded from the changes to which we are all committed.

Building off of last month’s historic agreement at American University, a broad coalition of DC workers, students, and community members continues to fight for better access to real food and real jobs throughout the city and beyond.

Read the full text of the letter here and stay tuned for further updates from Real Food Real Jobs in DC!

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