New Haven Cafeteria Workers Continue Their Campaign for Fresh Food

This past May, cafeteria workers in New Haven released a report: “Healthy Kids First: Why cafeteria workers want to cook fresh meals in New Haven Public Schools!”, which contained heir recommendations to help bring real food back into cafeterias, including a commitment from New Haven Public Schools to avoid replacing cooked food with frozen food and to use kitchens in new schools for what they were intended: cooking—not just reheating—food.

Since then, they have been busy spreading their message far and wide through public events, community outreach, and even media opportunities!

1044803_557498327630357_1423201190_nOn June 28, two leaders from the New Haven Public School cafeterias, Jasanea Hernandez and Shirley Bookert,  were invited to speak about our campaign for fresh cooking on a local radio station, Radio Amor. In the interview, conducted in Spanish and English by Pastor Moses Mercedes, the workers denounce the prevalence of frozen and processed foods on school menus and call for fresh cooked food to be served to New Haven’s school children. They also highlight the fact that students frequently throw away much of their meals because the food simply doesn’t look or taste appetizing.  

Listen to the interview (conducted in English and Spanish), here.

Just a few days before, on June 25, cafeteria workers and high school students had delivered over 1,500 petition signatures in support of their campaign—collected from parents, teachers, students, food activists and concerned community members over the course of five weeks—to the New Haven Board of Education.

School may not be in session for the summer, but this campaign is certainly heating up in New Haven!  More updates to come!

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