Sign the Petition to tell CPS: “You can’t cook without lunch ladies!”

A message from Ms. Linda:


CPS lunchroom workers Kim Bensadon, Linda Green and Gloria Drew serve a freshly-prepared meal to marchers protesting Chicago school closings in May 2013.

My name is Linda Green and I have been a lunch lady in Chicago Public Schools for over 20 years. I have prepared kids’ meals in all different kinds of school kitchens. In some, I cooked everything—including the ketchup—from scratch. In others, I simply heat up frozen, pre-plated meals. But, today, my job is on the chopping block.

Thanks to the support of our allies in our campaign to feed kids the food they deserve, CPS is eliminating frozen meals in all school cafeterias. All of Chicago’s students will be served freshly cooked food. Lunch ladies will be doing what they do best: cook!

However, we have also learned that CPS may look to lay off 200 to 300 lunchroom workers in addition to the 163 lunchroom cuts that have already been announced due to school closings. Additional cuts to lunchroom staff will set up the new fresh food program for failure before it even starts.

Please let CPS know that you can’t cook food from scratch without lunch ladies!

CPS is not being realistic about what it takes to serve the food our kids deserve. Click here to send an e-mail to CPS Chief Administrative Officer Tim Cawley to ensure the success of CPS’s new fresh food program!

In Solidarity,
Linda Green
Lunchroom worker
Chicago Public Schools

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