$50 Million Announcement an Important Step, More Action Needed for Safe Schools

One day after our hugely successful 12-hour fast and 100+ person rally in front of the School District of Philadelphia, the city’s mayor Michael Nutter announced a plan to borrow $50 million to ensure that schools are able to open on time.  Below is UNITE HERE Local  634’s response to this announcement.  We will be monitoring ongoing developments to this story—stay tuned!


Ramona Mercer, a student safety staff employee with Philadelphia Public Schools, speaks during a press conference on August 14th at the School District of Philadelphia.

UNITE HERE Local 634 is encouraged by Mayor Nutter’s announcement that he could guarantee $50 million to the School District of Philadelphia in order to ensure “schools open on time and safely.” 

The additional funding is a critically important step in preparing school for our kids this fall, but further action is necessary to keep kids safe in Philadelphia’s lunchrooms, hallways and school yards.

The $50 million is enough for the District to recall all of the 1,202 laid-off student safety staff.  We expect that if the District indeed wants to prioritize safety, they will recall these staff immediately.

Yet as Dr. Hite, Mayor Nutter and others have made clear, the $50 million is not enough to open the schools our kids deserve – our schools need full funding, which should include the immediate release of $45 million of allocated state funding for our schools.

“When we broke our 15-day Fast for Safe Schools on July 1, we were optimistic that schools could open safely this Fall,” said Nicole Hunt, who fasted in June in front of Governor Corbett’s office and was joined in a fast by 100 others again yesterday. 

“That optimism was based on this $50 million as well as $45 million from the State.  Without all of that funding, and without all of the safety staff brought back to work, our students are still at risk.”

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