$1 billion change on the horizon for PHL food program

Survey reveals passengers’ desire for healthy, local and freshly prepared options

RecipeforPHLsFutureEach year, passengers spend over $90 million dollars eating and drinking at the Philadelphia International Airport, where a pending transition in the food and beverage program has the potential to significantly alter the landscape of food and beverage at the airport over the next seven to 12 years.  Our new report, “A Recipe for PHL’s Future: Philadelphia’s $1 Billion Food and Beverage Decision” reveals what travelers hope to see at the “new” PHL:

  • When asked what was important to see on the new PHL menu, healthy food options rose to the top.  86% of surveyed passengers indicated that they wanted healthy food options, while nearly the same number (83%) indicated that they were not always able to find them among current offerings;
  • 76% indicated that food prepared from scratch was important, while close to two-thirds (61%) called for the use of local produce;
  • Nearly three-quarters of all respondents (73%) said that they would be willing to pay more for their meals if the new food program included the changes important to them.  This willingness pay more was consistent across different types of travelers – 79% of business travelers and 72% leisure travelers responded they would be willing to spend more. 

Survey results reflect the growing trend toward fresh and locally-sourced options at airports around the country. The report also brings attention to the innovative partnerships making change possible at Los Angeles International Airport. 

At LAX, city, labor and business have collaborated on an innovative training program to ensure the success of new concepts serving high-quality, from-scratch food.  Yet, at PHL, the new report cites a 2012 survey of 292 concession employees at the airport which found that one-third held their job for six months or less and made an average wage of just $8.83 per hour.

By coupling improved food options with culinary training and labor harmony, the report concludes, airport passengers, workers and the City of Philadelphia would all be able to reap the benefits of a new PHL.

Read the full report today!

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