Today is 2/13.  Now, this day may be significant for some because that means they have only one day to finalize their purchases of candy hearts, chocolates and roses.  However, this particular string of numbers—02/13—is particularly significant for one very large segment of the U.S. workforce: those who are, quite literally, living off tips.  Many tipped workers report taking home $0 paychecks.

02/13 is the magic number because the federal minimum wage for tipped workers is $2.13 per hour.  That’s a rate that hasn’t changed significantly since 1991.  Think about how the buying power of that hard-earned $2.13 has decreased in those 23 years, and we can begin to think about the consequences that might have on servers and bartenders.  The following info graphics from ROC United help paint the picture:


Today is a national day of action in solidarity with tipped workers across the country.  To take action:

To learn more, visit ROC’s Living Off Tips.  And if you’re headed out tonight, tomorrow or any other day, remember to tip your server or bartender accordingly.

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